Ape Space

Established in April 2009 after 2½ years of building work, the Ape Space is home to 2 groups of chimpanzees, 1 group of orangutans and 1 group of gorillas in a 3-hectare site in the northern part of the zoo, behind the African plain with the ostriches, zebras and impalas.

In winter, the animals live in large heated enclosures covering 300–400m2, separated by 4m-high artificial rocks. Each room has a floor of natural bark, a pond and elevated structures allowing animals to reside at different levels. The visitor gallery offers a panoramic view over the enclosures through large bay windows with 4cm-thick laminated glass.

In fine weather, the animals can be seen on 4 large peninsulas each covering about 1000m2. The peninsulas are separated with moats and 5m-high waterfalls.
The space houses more than 20 animals:
- a group of orangutans
- 2 groups of chimpanzees
- 1 group of gorillas


The Ape Space on video