New chimpanzee birth

We have just recorded the second birth in our group of Central chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) within 4 months!

The baby is a female. As the birth took place during the day, we were able to record videos only a few minutes after the baby was born. She is the second infant of Bamia, a 17 years old female who joined our breeding group in 2015.

Chimpanzees are very curious and interested in newborns: other members of the troop usually try to touch infants, sniff them or groom the mother to get a closer look. Females do not really like this attention and resist it, at least during the first days. Bamia however, was quite tolerant with her 4-year-old son Soko and the adult male who were both allowed to approach and even touch her baby. Once their curiosity was satisfied, Bamia was able to get some rest.

The arrival of the new infant isn’t an easy time for her older brother. Soko is already weaned but he will no longer be the main focus his mother’s attention and special moments with her will be more uncommon. But chasing his older playmate Sanaga will undoubtedly help him to get through that sensitive time.

La Palmyre Zoo contributes to the conservation of wild chimpanzees by providing financial support to the sanctuary J.A.C.K. located in Lubumbashi in DRC, which rescues and rehabilitates orphan chimps victims of poaching. In October 2020, J.A.C.K. rescued a young 4-year-old female, something they hadn’t done for several years. The global health crisis which has been raging for months has indeed dramatic consequences for primates: the sudden halt of tourism in protected areas and the decrease of surveillance patrols have led to increase poaching. Baby chimps and monkeys are regularly sized in Africa and transferred to local sanctuaries. Another Congolese sanctuary for primates, Lwiro, has already rescued 6 chimpanzees since January, 2021. A very sad record.