Cheetah gives birth to two cubs

From its very first birth of cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) in 1992, La Palmyre Zoo has been enjoying tremendous success in breeding this species: more than 80 cheetah births have been recorded until 2015 before a combination of factors (retirement of aging and already well represented animals in the lineage of the European breeding program, unsuccessful pregnancies and nonviable births in new breeding females) reverse this positive trend.
3 weeks ago, the zoo has returned to a breeding success with this emblematic and highly threatened species in the wild by welcoming the birth of two cubs (a male and a female) whose mother provides very good care. This is the first litter of this 6 year-old female.

The birth took place in the evening and surprisingly outside the wooden shed where the females usually settle to give birth to their cubs. This is only the second time that such a situation occurs at the zoo. Fortunately, at this time of the year, the weather conditions were good and the cubs weren’t affected by their beginnings outside. Moreover, the birth and the first hours were recorded by two cameras as shown below. The device allowed the zoo team to remotely monitor the behavior of the female and her cubs, while preserving their tranquility. They noticed that the female brought back her cubs inside after a while.

The cubs are now one-month old. Their enclosure being located behind-the-scenes, they won’t be seen before a few weeks.

F. Perroux