Birth of a ring-tailed lemur

The dominant female of our ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) group located in the monkey house has just gave birth to a new baby! Still tight to its mother's belly and strongly protected by her, the baby is doing well. The keepers haven't been able to determine its sex for now.
This female has been giving birth to a single baby or twins for many years always at the same time of the year as the species reproduce seasonally. The baby arouses the interest of all the group members who keep grooming it until the female loses her nerves and repels those too intrusive or curious!

Ring-tailed lemurs are the most known of all the lemurs. They like bathing in the sun seated on the ground, spreading their arms out. But as soon as the temperature goes down, they hug one another to keep warm.
Ring-tailed lemurs feed on fruits, leaves, flowers and occasionally insects. Females are dominant over males.
The species is found in south and southwestern Madagascar and is threatened by habitat destruction and poaching.