Birth of Golden Lion Tamarin twins

Our group of Golden Lion Tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia) has recently expanded with the birth of twins. Both babies can easily be spotted on their parents: their bright yellow hairs sharply contrast with the orange coat of the adults.

Even if the breeding pair takes alternatively care of the babies, the male is mainly in charge of carrying the youngsters while the female takes them back for suckling.
At almost three weeks old, the babies have started to observe the surroundings but remain on their parents’ back.

Golden Lion Tamarins are omnivorous. They feed on fruits, nectar, gum and small animal preys (snails, lizards, spiders, insects). At the zoo, they receive a balanced and various diet: fruits, vegetables, gum, special marmoset “cake”, crickets, mealworms. Their long and thin fingers allow them to forage for prey efficiently in plants’ nooks and crannies.

The species, who had almost disappeared from the wild in the 60s, has now recovered thanks to a conservation and reintroduction program implemented in Brazil. But even if the number of animals in the wild is more important today than what was expected, the situation of the species remains precarious because of the fragmentation of its habitat and the threats of infrastructure development in some areas of their home range.

F. Perroux