Birth of a De Brazza’s monkey

One of our two females De Brazza’s monkeys (Cercopithecus neglectus) recently gave birth to a baby. The 1-month-old newborn is doing well and has started to eat solid food, though it is still suckling. Among cercopithecidae species, weaning is usually completed around one-year-old. The baby hasn’t been named yet as its sex hasn’t been confirmed with certainty by the keepers.

Infant De Brazza’s monkeys are born with a yellow-brown fur that darkens as they grow up. Adults have an orange crescent-shaped band of hair on their forehead and a white beard. De Brazza’s monkeys mainly feed on fruits but also consume leaves and insects. They frequently forage on the ground.

In the wild, the species is common and widespread. As it occurs in a dozens of African countries, it is not threatened in short term but locally suffers from habitat destruction. Cercopithecidae are also hunted for their meat or because they sometimes raid on crops.

F. Perroux